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Rotation Windmill Display

YZ-P331B windmill screen itself has a special beauty of the profiled splicing screen shape, join the Division I servo control system and a unique video sync technology, so that the windshield screen rotation, video and real-time synchronization, the effect of better Smart, elegant.

The system combines profiled display, mechanical, video synchronization and other technologies, has the following characteristics:

  1. The screen rotates at any angle .
  2. Multiple sets of arrays, free combination, free arrangement.
  3. Video automatic matching, full hardware analysis.
  4. Servo motor control.
  5. Mechanical bus control system.
  6. Free programming, a key call.

System Diagram:

Video sync technology:
Through a unique video synchronization technology, the video in real time to follow the mechanical movement trajectory, real-time reverse rotation of the image rotation, so that the display is equivalent to the effect of the window, so that the display screen always show static and static effect.
Video full hardware Analysis, without pre-editing of the material, eliminating the need for complex workload, but also save the cost of video production.

Control and operation:

Easy to operate, only the mechanical movement of programming, and then save, in order to call. Video real-time synchronous mechanical operation.

应用:Appplication:Exhibitions, advertisements, shopping Mall.