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Lifting LED screen Display

LED lifting tube, YZ-P631, surface mount LED screen, the standard size of 512mm wide, height 3000mm, sports travel 2400mm, a number of interactive, changing shape.

YZ-P631 series of Lifting LED screen, is the company 2016 annual research and development of new products. It was designed and repeatedly improved, has become a safe, ultra-quiet, Controllability, has the following features :

   1,The screen free to move up and down .
   2,Multiple sets of arrays, free combination, free arrangement.
   3,Video automatic matching, full hardware analysis.
   4,Servo motor control.
   5,Mechanical bus control system.
   6,Free programming, a key call

System Diagram:

System components:

   Any video source -- Cut the huge cost of video production .
   Picture Matching -- Picture automatically follow the rotation, intelligent display.
   Changeable shape --  Arbitrary action combination
   Convenient building -- Expand at any time, save time and effort

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