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2017 Guangzhou LED show

Our 360-degree dynamic rotation display system: display terminal queue action, any combination; action pre-storage, a key call; image processing system with the display operation, real-time dynamic processing, presented to the audience is always a perfect splicing image. The mechanical system is running smoothly, using the servo motor, the control precision is high. Modular design, installation and removal of fast and convenient.
The exhibition according to the display wall area, using three 55-inch LCD TV, supporting three rotating machinery, a control cabinet, video synchronizer 3 output, intelligent console one, video source using Huawei video playback box , All the way HDMI output.
Easy operation and debugging, just as required by the display of the rotation of the display can be, real-time video from the synchronization, any video source playback, just copy the video into the U disk, insert the box can be.
Dynamic display with its dynamic display, attractive to a large number of visitors to the eye, but also shows the traditional display of the market for customers to show a strong interest in creativity, so that the dynamic display for your design Tim color.